How is The Los Angeles Real Estate Market? Live Updates.

Whether you are buying or selling a home you will want to know, how is the Los Angeles real estate market

  • Is it a buyers’ or a sellers’ market?*
  • What are the comps for the property in which you are interested?
  • How does your home stack up compared to recent sales of similar properties?
  • What is the sold vs list price in the area?

*Months inventory reveals whether it is a buyers or sellers market. 0 to 4 months favors sellers; 4 to 7 months is a balanced market; over 7 months favors buyers.

The report below reflects the Santa Monica market. You can change the criteria to suit your needs by:  Area, Year, Timeline (choose year, month, Quarter, etc.), and Property Type. And you can dig deeper by clicking on Show All Criteria. (When changing areas make sure to clear the previous area by clicking the “x” to remove the previous area and then hitting Update Report).

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