Los Angeles DWP Customers Learn About the AC Optimization Program

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) offers a wealth of information to help their customers save money, including a free AC Optimization Program.DWP AC Optimization Program

A certified contractor will come out, inspect your air-conditioning unit and provide the following services:

  • Replacement or cleaning of standard air filters
  • Outdoor coil cleaning
  • System diagnostic test
  • Refrigerant charge adjustment (up to 2 lbs. of refrigerant will be provided, if applicable)
  • Installation of smart, Wi-Fi enabled thermostat (for compatible residential systems only, if customer does not already have a smart thermostat*)
    • Zoned systems only qualify for one thermostat
  • If the customer’s home is not Wi-Fi enabled, or would prefer not to have a smart thermostat installed, the following AC system or Heat Pump alternatives can be installed at no charge to the customer:
    • Western Cooling Control
  • *In addition to the AC Optimization Program, customers have the option of purchasing a qualifying thermostat and receiving a rebate through the LADWP Efficient Product Marketplace.

Rebates are also available.

Los Angeles experienced the hottest July on record this year, and even the hardiest of us who don’t love air conditioning were forced to boot it up to keep cool and then watch our electric bills soar. This is a great service offered by the DWP.

The service is available for owners of eligible residential and commercial DWP customers with central units of between 1 and 10 tons. and also for multi-unit tenants when represented by their property manager or landlord. Tenants of single family homes or condos may apply directly with the permission of the owner.

Due to demand the DWP is currently backed up, but with our long summers in Los Angeles you never know when the next heatwave will hit. Take advantage of this program and save money.


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