Renovating your Wilshire Corridor Condo – Make Sure Your Paperwork is in Order

If you are thinking of renovating a Wilshire Corridor condo, make sure you are ready.  Check the Homeowners Association rules and regulations before identifying your contractors.

In the course of preparing a condo in The Wilshire ready for renting, I learned the value of having a Homeowners Association to protect the residents interests.  These are some of the requirements which contractors must meet:

  • Contractor must carry $1 million in liability insurance.
  • Contractor must have workers’ comp coverage.
  • Contractor must enter through P1 to check in, and then take the freight elevator to the unit.
  • Although each unit is accessed directly from the elevator, the freight elevator opens on the floor.  Contractors must ensure that the hallways floors are covered during work times.
  • Carpet installers must place hard board in the hallways on which to lay the old carpet.
  • For any major renovations, permits are going to have to be pulled.

This may sound like more work than necessary, but as a Wilshire Corridor condo owner you can rest assured that your interests are protected.

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4 thoughts on “Renovating your Wilshire Corridor Condo – Make Sure Your Paperwork is in Order”

  1. Jane, there is nothing like being protected today…just went through this with a contractor for a client she had been using for a couple of years that we caught stealing from her…good HOA documents are paramount & many have not been updated like these to reflect the current times..

  2. It definitely is good practice. You can feel safe in the knowledge that you are protected.

  3. Jane – Good recommendations for making sure what the HOA allows and also good reasons why having an HOA for your Wilshire Corridor condo makes sense.

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