3 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Home for Sale

3 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Thinking of selling your home during the spring market?  Here are a few tips to help your home show better and sell faster.

  1. Get rid of the excess: Eliminate as much as possible, and then when you think you’ve eliminated, do it again!  Remember when staging your Charlotte home for sale, less is best.  As well, keep in mind that you’re going to be moving soon so, consider this, ‘early packing.’  Exchange your personal photos for framed art.  The main idea is to remove as much as possible and replace personal items with neutral objects so that people can imagine their things in the home.
  2. Repair and paint: Before painting, repair all of those minor dings that don’t really bother you, bearing in mind that buyers notice everything.  A missing piece of baseboard, an loose outlet or one that doesn’t work, or a closet door that won’t stay on track all seem minor to you, but they can have a huge affect on how a buyer views your home.  When you’re looking at homes for sale, you’ll quickly understand the feeling that buyers have–if it looks maintained on the surface, you’ll have confidence that the sellers have maintained the entire home well during the course of their ownership.  The next step is to apply a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color.  Freshly painted walls make a room look cleaner and neutral colors make them appear larger.
  3. Improve the curb appeal: To interest the people who will buy your home, you need to get them in the door first!  If your house looks bad on the outside, buyers won’t waste their time taking a look at the inside or if they do, they’ll be looking with a more critical eye.  If they do decide that the want to purchase, they’ll often consider the cost of upgrading the landscaping as well as come in with a lower Offer, feeling as though they’re going to have underlying problems, indicated by poor ‘maintenance’–yes, even landscaping.   Improving your curb appeal doesn’t mean you need to hire a landscaper.  It can be as basic as trimming your hedges and trees, especially those closest to your house.  Repair or replace loose porch railings and make sure the exterior paint is not chipping.  If needed, scrape and paint; peeling paint is a real turnoff to buyers.  Keep the lawn mowed.  Put away bikes, toys and garden tools.

Following these simple steps will go a long way to getting your home sold quickly.

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