Help With Your Los Angeles Real Estate Needs

Buying a Los Angeles home, selling a Los Angeles home, or even looking for a Los Angeles rental can be a confusing task.  You don’t know where to begin.

What might you need help with?

Selling a Los Angeles home

  • How are you going to price your home?  Pricing is an art these days.  Price it to high and it is going to sit on the market, price it just right and you may encourage multiple offers and get more than you asked for.
  • Is your house ready to be put on the market or is there something you need to do to prepare it for the critical buyers’ eyes?
  • As a seller you have certain obligations to the sales process which need to be monitored and met.
  • If you are not local are you going to be able to take care of repairs and other matters that need addressing?

Buying a Los Angeles Home

      •  Where do you start?  Like many buyers you look on the internet.  But you are going to have a ton of questions about the properties you may find.
      • You find five or six that you are interested in and try and set up appointments to see them.  Good luck trying to coordinate that if  you can even get hold of the each agent.
      • The internet is not going to prepare you for what you are going to need in order to purchase your dream home.  It is not going to ask you to talk to a lender before you start your search which will save you a lot of heartache.  Finding a home you love but for which you will not qualify is going to hurt.
      • There is so much involved in buying a Los Angeles home, and using the services of a Los Angeles buyer’s agent is not going to cost you a penny and will probably save you a lot.  They are going to take care of your best interests in getting the best price and terms and also guide you through the complicated purchase process.  And complicated it is.

Renting a Los Angeles Home

Right now the Los Angeles rental market is extremely hot.  When something good comes on the market it is gone immediately.  You can search sites like Westside Rentals for which there is a fee or Craigslist, which is free and has most of the same listings as Westside Rentals, but also is known for the scams conducted there.  So you have to be careful.  You can, of course, drive around and look at For Rent Signs.  Very time consuming.

The MLS does not have as much of a choice but using a real estate agent to set up appointments and narrow your search down is going to make your life so much easier.

So, with these things in mind how can I help you with your Los Angeles real estate needs?


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