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Looking for a home in Los Angeles?  Consider the Echo Park community.

When Silver Lake started to price some buyers out of the market, Echo Park took over the mantle of the new trendy, hip neighborhood near Downtown Los Angeles.  Named by the American Planning Association  as one of the top 10 Great Neighborhoods in 2008 Echo Park has something to offer for everyone especially those with a taste for the eclectic.

Angelino Heights has over 50 of the best preserved Victorian Homes in the city, was designated the city’s first Historic Preservation Overlay Zone in 1983, with one block listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Echo Park has some of the steepest streets in the city, many stairways, the one on Baxter Street, which is 230 steps, being the steepest in the city.  San Francisco has nothing on driving up Baxter.  You want to jump out of your car when you get to the top to make sure no one is coming.  The views are spectacular.  The area also has its fair share of parks, including Echo Park Lake (presently being renovated) and Elysian Park, which is the second largest in the city.  And, of course, dining, shopping and entertainment abound.

So how is the Echo Park real estate market?

Since the majority of homes in the area are single family residences the statistics cover those:

90 sales over the past 6 months
Median price of $499,750
Highest price $1,250,000
Average sq. ft. 1,465.80
Average price per sq. ft.  $348.38
Active listings are 32 with 30 under contract

All information provided by MLS/CLAW is deemed accurate but is not guaranteed.  Also some listings shown as new may simply be back on the market.

Inventory in Echo Park as in many other parts of Los Angeles is low, but compared with other areas prices are still affordable and the area continues to develop.

If you are looking for a home in Los Angeles, take a look at Echo Park

Echo Park homes for sale


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