Los Angeles Homes for Sale. The Calm Before the Storm?

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we all had a crystal ball? We would know exactly the right time to buy and the right time to sell real estate. We would wait until the top of the market to sell our home or the bottom of the market to buy. Gauging the top or the bottom of the market is extremely difficult and we would all be millionaires if we had that skill.

So when is the right time? Sorry, don’t have a crystal ball so I cannot tell you definitively. What I will tell you is, the right time is when you are ready!

Home sellers tend to think that before the holidays is not a good time to sell. It can be a great time to sell. The competition is less and I have held open houses over holidays and had great attendance. Wait until early in the year and you will be another number.

Right now, after a dry spell of homes on the market, there is more inventory and the multiple-offer furor has settled down a little although there is still enough pent-up buyer demand. Interest rates have risen slightly so I would say this is a somewhat calm climate to consider selling.

Will there be a storm in January? Who will the storm affect, buyers or sellers? Again, no crystal ball.

Los Angeles is still a sellers’ market so why not take advantage while you still can. Buyers, prices are leveling off and no one can say for sure which way they are headed.

If you are ready to buy or sell your Los Angeles home enjoy the calm.

Homes for Sale in Los Angeles


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