10 Signs You’re in a Competitive Real Estate Market

This is a Zillow article on the current competitive real estate market in which I was quoted.

When you’re searching for new digs in a competitive market, buying a house isn’t easy. The good news is “if you keep going, you will get the home you want,” says Los Angeles real estate agent Jane Peters. So gird yourself, grab a coffee and maybe even do a calming yoga pose or two. After all, cafes and exercise studios indicate you’re searching in a potentially cutthroat neighborhood, according to industry experts. Here are 10 clear signs you’re in for a competitive ride. 1. Cash is king One major indication of a competitive market is when sellers can reasonably expect cash offers for their property. “If you come in with cash, you’re going to beat out a loan offer every time,” reports Peters, a 12-year veteran of the L.A. market, home to a handful of extremely competitive neighborhoods. If paying in green is not be an option, don’t panic. It’s not the only tool up a potential home buyer’s sleeve. 2. Bidding wars? You betcha Bidding wars are another sign that competition is fierce.

Source: 10 Signs You’re in a Competitive Real Estate Market | Zillow Porchlight

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