Buying a Los Angeles Home. Get Ready to Move

Finally your process of buying a Los Angeles home is over.  You are just about to close escrow and are ready to move in.

Prepare to moveHere are some things you need to think about:

  • Change all the utilities into your name, and make sure the seller has remembered to cancel their service.  Here are some of the numbers you will need
  • Make sure to change the locks on the day of close of escrow.
  • If you bought the home with cash, be sure that your insurance is in place.
  • Order your change of address through the post office at least 10 days in advance.  It takes that time and often longer to take effect.

Congratulations, and enjoy your new home.

Moving Tips

Buying a Los Angeles Home – The Series:

Step 1:  Getting ready to buy

Step 2:  Why use a Realtor?

Step 3:  Define your criteria

Step 4:  Start your search

Step 5:  Make your offer (about the purchase contract)

Step 6:  Be prepared to negotiate

Step 7:  Go through the escrow process

Step 8:  Taking Title

Step 9:  The importance of a home inspection

What is not covered in a home inspection

Step 10:  Prepare for your new home


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