Wilshire Corridor Condo Market Report February 2012

Wilshire Corridor condo market report for February 2012.

There are presently 93 listed condos for sale on the Wilshire Corridor.

5 units have been on the market for over two years or close to two years:  two at La Tourone at the Marie Antoinette, one at The Remington and one at The Californian.

Five units have been on the market for over one year:  one at The Californian,  one at La Tour, one at The Westholmeand one at 10560 Wilshire, and two at The Carlyle.

12 units have been on the market for over 6 months.

6 units are listed as Short Pay (I am relying on the MLS here):  two at the Marie Antoinette,  one at 10560 Wilshireone at Wilshire Selby East , one at Wilshire Selby West, and one at  the Wilshire Holmby

There are three foreclosures noted in the MLS, one at Wilshire Selby East, one at the Wilshire Thayer, and one at Wilshire Selby East.

Excluding the Beverly West, which rather skews the figures, this is what is available by bedroom breakdown on The Wilshire Corridor.

One bedroom condos

21 are available from $310,000 at Wilshire Selby Westto $799,000 at The Wilshire Terrace, with homeowners dues from $550 at the Wilshire Selby West to $2,233 at the Wilshire Terrace.

Two bedroom condos

39 units are available from $399,999 at The Wilshire Marquis, to $2,999,000 at The Californian.  Homeowners dues from $545 at the Wilshire Marquis to $2,987 at The Californian.

Three bedroom condos

There are 27 units available from $399,000 at the Marie Antoinette to $5,895,000 at The Carlyle (excluding a $7,495,000 3-bedroom penthouse at The Remington).  Homeowners dues from $1,283 at the Marie Antoinette to $3,298 at the Wilshire Terrace.

Four bedroom condos

There are 4 units from $735,000 at The Westholme to the $11,995,000 penthouse at The Californian.  Homeowners dues from $1,610 at The Westholme to $3,409.16 at The Californian.

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