Can’t Find a Home to Buy in Los Angeles? Let’s Help You Find a Rental While You Wait.

It’s getting tougher and tougher out there to find a home to buy in Los Angeles  with the low inventory, so if your are moving to Los Angeles or downsizing your home, then a rental is going to be the way to go.

Not that rentals are easy to find.  The minute the good ones come on the market they are gone.  But if you know what you want and move quickly then you stand a good chance of finding the right property.  This will give you a good amount of time for inventory to build and for you to find a Los Angeles home to buy since rental terms are usually for one year.

How can you make the chances for finding a good rental easier?  Broaden your requirements.

You may want a 3-bedroom.  Can you make do with a 2-bedroom?  If so you will have more choices

You want inside laundry.  Can you make do with a community laundry?  Again more choices.

You want a pool?  Absolutely necessary?  There may be the perfect place without one.

Can you live without hardwood floors?  Most places will have installed new carpet.  Will that do?

Do you have to have an upgraded kitchen and bathroom?  The place may be lovely, and completely functional, but original.

If you don’t intend to live in a rental property for more than a year, then you may be able to look past the things you are going to want in a permanent home.  It will make things much easier in a competitive rental market.

Homes for rent in Los Angeles


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