Sometimes the First Home You See is The Right One

You are starting your search when buying or renting a home in Los Angeles and you are preparing yourself for the prospect of visiting a number of properties before you are going to find the right one. It doesn’t have to be that way.

It is human nature to think that there is something better around the corner. You think you will be missing out  if you don’t look at everything out there and more. But sometimes you walk into the perfect house immediately. When it feels right it probably is. The kitchen is perfect, you have the number of bedrooms you need, the price is right, the location is not bad, and you know you are going to be happy in the place. Don’t be tempted by what’s around the corner. In this market you could lose out on this perfect home. In a sellers’ /landlords’ market a day late could mean the loss of the home.

I recently set up a six or seven homes to tour with clients moving to Los Angeles. They were not ready to buy yet so we were looking at leases which met or were close to their criteria. We walked into the first home and they took it on the spot. It was a great house and fulfilled their needs. I called to cancel the following appointments. This property had been on the market for one day, and while we were there the listing agent got several calls to show it and continued to get calls for the next couple of days while the paperwork was being finalized. Had my clients hesitated they could have lost out, and they don’t regret one minute taking it.

Sometimes the first home you see is the right one.

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