Homes for Sale in Westwood

If you are looking for homes for sale in the Westwood, Los Angeles, especially in the luxury high-rise and gated communities for which they are famous, then check out the listings below. Click here for the Century City market.

Homes for sale in Westwood

Westwood is the home of UCLA, and the multi-million dollar Wilshire Corridor. Encompassing zip code 90024, Westwood is one of the higher priced neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Westwood, a neighborhood of approximately 48,000 residents, is an unincorporated area of Los Angeles, bordering the east side of Brentwood.  The Village is the main walking area, with shops and restaurants bordered by apartments, condominiums and fraternity houses.

Wilshire Corridor, otherwise known as Millionaire’s Mile, has multi-million dollar condominiums.  North of Wilshire  Blvd. also has some of the most expensive homes in the city.

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Los Angeles Unified School District
Fairburn Avenue Elementary School
Warner Avenue Elementary School

Homes for sale in Westwood

(Please note that Century City Listings will be included here)

West Los Angeles, or West an area which has different boundaries depending on who you talk to.  In my mind it is covered by zip code 90025 with Brentwood and adjacent Westwood to the north, Santa Monica to the west, Rancho Park  and Palms to the south.

West L.A. is a more affordable community than its upscale neighbors with a mix of apartments, condos, single and multi-family units and commercial.

West Los Angeles Schools (LAUSD)

Brockton Avenue Elementary

Nora Sterry Elementary

Warner Avenue Elementary

Emerson Middle School

University High School

Indian Springs Continuation School

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West Los Angeles Neighborhood Council

West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce

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